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"I work as a DJ and Daniela was very helpful in volunteering to design a logo and font for my brand. She was creative and worked with me until we were satisfied with the design. She adds that personal touch."
-Andrew Ceacatura

"Daniela is a very professional designer whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with. She has helped me with a couple of personal projects and while I was very vague about the details and didn't have too much of an idea of wht exactly I wanted, she was able to work with what I gave her and came up with some great designs which I had little to ask her to change about. The designs were always fresh and she kept me up to date when she would finish the next one. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some good designs and wants it done in a timely manner, even if they don't have a clear idea of what they want exactly. She will be able to work with anything and present a design that they were either looking for or one they didn't expect but ended up being better than their original ideas."

-Marc Alessandrini

"Daniela Sinner truly went above and beyond with her design for my personal brand.  I needed a unique design to convey both elegance and light-heartedness, and Daniela really delivered on that, working with me to make up my (very indecisive) mind and coming up with amazing first drafts that were almost perfect.  A few tweaks later, and they actually were.  Five stars across the board, would highly recommend, would 100% come back to her if I ever needed something different.  I loved working with her; her professionalism was excellent and her customer service was fantastic.  I can't thank her enough."

-Regina C. Fleming
Fae Regina Cosplay

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